24w x 18t x 16d – Quick Assembly

24w x 18t x 16d – Quick Assembly

24W x 18T x 16D
This cage is excellent for smaller arboreal snakes and it comes with your choice of slider glass doors or hinged glass doors. Order it with perches, greenery, and heat panels. Please note that all heat panels must be used with a thermostat. You can also add a thermostat from our accessories page if you don't already have one. Our thermostats are scalable so that you can add multiple PVC cages of the same size without purchasing another thermostat.

Our cages are easy to clean and come complete with vents for better humidity management.

Shipping is included for the contiguous  48 states.

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24x18x16 Hinged door


24x18x16 Slider doors

For upgraded glass use the drop down menu if you need a lock, this is for slider doors only.

1/4 inch glass upgrade

Base is 10" tall

24x10x16 base

A must have item for spot checking the temps in your cage is this Laser gun.

Spot check Laser gun


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