Red-Tail Boa Cage

Red-Tail Boa cages at PVC Cages looked much nicer than what you might find at a pet store or elsewhere. Since a Red-Tail Boa can become so large, an adult Red-Tail Boa will do fine in a 48″ wide cage. The cage you need is the 48″ x 18″tall or 24″ tall with the full open front (you don’t want a divider). The cage is two feet in depth so there is plenty of square footage for your Red-Tail Boa to move around. Our Red-Tail Boa cages also can come with heat and lights already built in. We offer a Red-Tail Boa cage that is the size and quality you need. This Red-tail Boa Cage looks great because we are the masters of boa cages and our cage will showcase your Red-Tail Boa.