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Dans Awsome Decorating Job

Jim –

Thank you again for the quick turnaround, outstanding customer service and incredible cages (I’ve attached a picture of the final set-up which is in my home office). The cages more than exceeded my expectations and I look forward to adding more to my growing collection. Simply stated: Thank you!

Warm regards,



As for the plants, all are fake. I get them from AC Moore and Michaels and cut off the ends with a hacksaw. I then mount the plants in epoxy putty to form a stable base and paint brown for aesthetics. As for decorating, I wanted to create a natural look that was still easy to lean. As mentioned, I used fake tropical plants (permanent botanicals as they say in the trade). tried to use a number of different sizes and types to create variety and depth of field. Each is easily removed and can be washed/disinfected when needed. Additionally, I have a clear view of the bottom of each cage for easy spot cleaning. For the perches, I believe I used honeysuckle, but don’t quote me on it. The branches are pretty cool in that they have a vine like appearance vs a normal tree branch. Each was power washed and disinfected before placing in the cage. In terms of placement, I used the perch holders/attachment points you provided. Some of the perches fit naturally, others I used an eye hook. All are easily removed.