Bearded Dragon Cage

For a bearded dragon cage you are use to using a heat lamp for the basking point, I offer in my cages a radiant heat panel and it produces heat that radiates downward from the ceiling and it will do the same thing a heat lamp will but it is much safer.
The 80 watt heat panel measures 12×24 and comes mounted in one corner of the ceiling, you will need to create a platform for your bearded dragon to crawl up under the heat panel just like you would for a heat lamp.
I offer a 18″ florescent light and you can remove the protective cover from it and remove the bulb and replace the bulb with your own 18″ UVB bulb ( I do not offer a UVB bulb ) If you would rather have a 24″ or a 36″ UVB light you can purchase a florescent light fixture from somewhere else and install it yourself in the cage.
I think a good size cage for a bearded dragon is a 48 wide x 18″ tall x 24″ deep
You would want to order a 48×18 tall with a 80 watt, florescent light only cage from my dropdown menu.