PVC Cages for snakes and reptiles

PVC Cages is operated by Jim and  Laura Scharphorn. Many people know of Jim Scharphorn from endorsements by reptile enthusiasts like Greg Maxwell, author of “The More Complete Chondro.” Green Tree Python Cages

We are proud of how our cages look but more importantly we are excited about the way our cages are easy to clean and how easy they are to regulate both temperature and humidity.

Why pay more for a cage that doesn’t look as good when you can have PVC cages provide a cage you can be proud of? Contact us if you don’t see what you need.

We build our cages to order, and that means we can probably make what you want. When you purchase and start using one of our cages you will know why our cages were discussed at length and recommended by Greg Maxwell. 

PVC cages are durable, easy to clean, built for humidity management, and ready for radiant heat panels.

Our cages are not only designed with your reptile in mind, but they look great too! Get started with your first PVC cage by exploring the Design Your Cage menu on the top of our website.

Our PVC is 3/8″ thick plastic not 1/4″ like some others are.