Radiant Heat Panel for Snake Cages / Reptile Cages

Radiant Heat Panel for Snake Cages / Reptile Cages

Picture shown is the old unit, the new up dated unit is all black.
These heat panels are similar to Ceramic Heat Emitters. Unlike ceramic heaters, these do not get as hot on the surface and that makes them safer.  The infrared heat from these panels are like natural sunlight outdoors--it penetrates muscle tissue. This type of heat has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on sick and injured animals as well. Your reptiles will benefit from it.

These radiant heat panels for your snake cage / reptile cage require a thermostat. Most of the time one thermostat will control several heat panels at the same time if you are using more than one of the exact same sized cage.

28-watt fits our smallest 24" wide cage

40-watt fits the larger 24" wide cages, 36" wide cages, and our divded 48" wide cage

80-watt fits our 36" wide cages and 48" wide cages (no divider)

120-watt fits our 48"x24"x24" wide cages (no divider)

If you are ordering a cage you should add the suggested heat panels while you design your cage. If you already have a cage you can purchase separate heat panels from this list.

Shipping is included on all products I offer.

( The 28 watt heat panels are now in stock. )

Radiant Heat panel

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